The theatre of blondes and brunettes

Perhaps nowhere else can one yet find a living theatre that portrays the ideal of blondes and brunettes.

You know what we mean. Brunettes — regardless of their hair colour — are noble, daring, strong, reliable and (when necessary) fierce. But for all that, they are also delightfully feminine. Whether in smart suits or military uniforms, brunettes are the epitome of feminine strength. They are not “butch” or masculine to the smallest degree, but one of them is more powerful than any two faux-men.

Blondes on the other hand — and some of them have the blackest hair imaginable — are delicate, charming, occasionally rather silly (though often very intellectual at the same time) and always adorable.

Well, you knew all that already. But the Facts of Life are so beautiful that one likes to go over them occasionally just for the fun of it.

Takarazuka is a Japanese musical revue. It is all-female and stages gorgeous productions with the male roles taken by girls. But these male roles are not played in a “butch”, unfeminine way, but with all the grace, style, elegance and delightfulness of the True Brunette

This is what we mean when we say that Takarazuka is perhaps the only living theatre wherein we can see the blonde-brunette spirit, in all its glory and all its loveliness.

The Rose of Versailles

It is with considerable pride and happiness, then, that the Lipstick Theatre is able to present to you what is probably the most lavish production of the Takarazuka Review, The Rose of Versailles (Berusaiyu no Bara).

The bad news is that it is all in Japanese. The good news is that it is a splendidly opulent musical production and you will be charmed and intoxicated by the scenes of blonde beauty, brunette nobility and blonde-brunette devotion. This production speaks a language — both visual and musical — that requires no translation.

We have some excerpts from the production for your delight. The first is a sort of trailer. Click here to watch it.

This will give you an idea of the show. The second clip is a gorgeous blonde-brunette musical sequence. Be warned that it is quite large and may take a long time to download. Even when you have it, the quality is far from perfect. But even so we feel you will be overwhelmed by its beauty and majesty.

You will find it here.

Well, these long loading-down times and rather poor quality are problems inseparable from Elektraspace at present.

But don't despair. You can see The Rose of Versailles in all its girly glory. We have managed to secure a DVD giving the whole performance — over two hours of it — together with a bonus performance at the end of a more modern dance production (including, among other things, a charmingly camp sequence with blondes in flowing white dresses and brunettes in white tie and tails).

All of this is in high-quality DVD. The stills on this page are all taken from the DVD, so you will get some idea what a treat you are in for!

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