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The Lipstick Theatre

The place for girls who like girls who look like girls

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The Theatre
Animations, stories and other femme delights.

To enjoy these theatrical presentations you must have sound enabled. Please make the window large enough to see the whole picture

Poppitops : Our first miniature animated femme-toon feature. Learn about the Facts of Life in an All-Female Dimension.

The Masked Avenger! A musical and animated example of our new Dynamic Captioning™. Make sure your window is big enough to see the Whole Picture! And, as always, have that sound on!

The Perfect Romantic Girly Theatre The Rose of Versailles. If you like to be delighted, just click here and you will be — we guarantee it!

The Wireless

Enter Amelia Bingham : The first of the Amelia Bingham stories. Amelia is a smart young confidence trickster, who with her innocent partner-in-crime Hypatia (Pash) Chevender relieves the coarse and tedious of their ill-gotten. In this first episode, Amelia and Hypatia meet for the first time since their schooldays and the loss of Hypatia's jewels necessitates a small swindle.

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