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We are launching Blonde Bombshell books with a volume we are very proud of. Enter Amelia Bingham is the work of two of the Oxford intellectuals who founded the Feminine Empire of Aristasia.

This, however is not an Aristasian book in the strict sense. It is a novel centred upon a series of very clever swindles perpetrated by a sort of sophisticted, feminine Robin Hood — but it is much more than that. As the tale unfolds we meet a whole feminine counter-cuture of elegant, confident, beautiful ladies who scorn the vulgarity of the world about them and, in many cases survive — and prosper — by the most extraordinary methods.

The newcomer, Hypatia ("Pash") Chevender, who pecomes the protégée of the dashing, daring Amelia Bingham, encounters a world of style, honour and magical femininity and finds herself gradually transformed and liberated from the drabness of the late 20th century.

The book is by turns witty, philosophical, clever, funny and moving. It is beautifully written and executed. But why take our word for it? You can browse inside the book for yourself here.

Enter Amelia Bingham can be purchased in the beautiful paperback edition pictured above at $11.25 (about £6).

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But be warned, when you've read the Elektrabook, you will want the physical book to love and cherish and keep by your bedside.

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