Lipstick Lesbian Home

For lipstick lesbians, by lipstick lesbians about lipstick lesbians

This is place for lipstick lesbians — for girls who prefer girls, and prefer them to look like girls. And who prefer to look like girls themselves. You wouldn't think that was such an odd thing, would you?

Well, it seems to be. If you want to be a heterosexual, of course, the whole world is there for you. If you are a girl who prefers other girls, there are "lesbian bars" full of people dressed as men who regard you as a freak if you aren't in male drag. There are magazines and websites, mostly for "dykes", some for butch-femme lesbians (where only one half is in drag) but for femme-femme lesbians, lipstick lesbians, there is virtually nothing. You will find a lot of photographs of femme-femme lesbians, of course. They are all made for men and posed by mostly heterosexual profesional models.

The girl who likes being feminine and who likes other girls being feminine belongs to the most neglacted minority in modern society.

Even less recognised is the fact that among such girls there are those who prefer to take a more active role (without being in the least "butch") and those who prefer to be protected and looked after. Those who dream of kissing and those who dream of being kissed. And both are wholly feminine.

The term blondes and brunettes is often used for these two types of girl. It has nothing at all to do with hair colour (most of my blonde friends have dark hair). It is the word for our personality types, which are so neclected that the dictionaries provide no words for us.

At this site we are making a home for lipstick lesbians and trying to build a femme-femme culture. There is a heterosexual culture, a gay culture, a dyke culture, a butch-femme culture; but if we want our own femme-femme culture, we are going to have to make it ourselves.

Here are some places to start:

The Blondes' and Brunettes' Club : An online Chat Club for girls like us. A place to meet, make friends and discuss anything under the sun. It is a really friendly club, very open to newcomers and the members are always happy to respond to questions, so do come along.

The Lipstick Theatre : A place where femme-femme stories, animatons, greetings cards and lots of other things are available. The first steps to building a real femme-femme culture.

Aristasia Friends : The Feminine Empire of Aristasia is a half-real, half-fantasy Motherland for femme-femme lipstick lesbians everywhere.

Blonde Bombshell Books : A new publisher specialising in books for lipstick lesbians.

Do try these places: especially the Blondes' and Brunettes' Club. There is a place for the lipstick lesbian!